Polpetti alla luciana

Il polpo alla Luciana è uno dei piatti tipici della gastronomia campana, il nome Luciana deriva dagli abitanti di Santa Lucia, un antico borgo di marinai esperti nella pesca del polpo verace che cucinavano il polpo in modo semplice e…

No eggs crepes

Maybe this is the easiest and the most usefull dough you could cook, and stuffed in the right way (nutella way!) it si sooooo yummy!! here comes a no egg vegetarian recipe. For a dessert use almond milk. Olive oil…

Mozzarella ripiena

Summer is coming and hot days too, so here comes the almost perfect recipe that will solve your problem with a great look too. The twist: bread crumbs. Drinking well: Ischia bianco.

Green veg plumcake

Do you know when in the fridge there are all tese green leftovers, don’t you? This is the ultimate recipe you where seeking for, useful and astonishing! Lack of something? Add some herbs.

Carasau bread pizza

this very flat bread, normally seasoned with oil, salt and rosemary, could be a little boring so let’s give it a little twist with this recipe!! If your potatoes aren’t crunchy enough before cooking rinse them until the water you…